Ways to Avoid Back Injuries


Some of the best ways to prevent back injuries while at work is to develop habits that reduce the amount of strain and force on your back. These are some pretty basic things that you can do to prevent this:

Avoid Lifting and Bending Whenever You Can

Anytime you can avoid straining your back from not lifting or bending, try to do so! If you don’t use your back like a lever, you aren’t putting it under potentially damaging force, and therefore rests your back.

Place objects on a table or chair

If you leave something on a table or some other elevated surface, you won’t need to bend down to pick it up again, and it saves your back from some unnecessary force.

Raise or lower shelves

The best area for lifting is between your shoulders, torso, and waist. Place heavy objects onto shelves at mid-torso level, and lighter objects on higher shelves. Use carts / dolleys to move objects, instead of lifting them yourself

 Use Proper Lifting Procedure 

You can’t always avoid lifting and carrying heavy stuff, but there is a simple way to reduce the amount of pressure and stress placed on your spine when you do so. By bending the knees, your spine will stay straight and will keep it in a better alignment, and by doing so, you take away the ‘lever principle’ forces which can seriously hurt your back.

  • Take a balanced stance with your feet about a foot apart; one foot can be behind, and the other next to it.
  • Squat down to grab the object, but keep a balanced posture with your heels off of the floor.
  • Use your hands (not your fingers, though) to get a good grip on the load of whatever you’re carrying. Make sure you will be able to hold the object in an easy and painless way, so you won’t have to stop, put it down, and change you grip later.
  • Slowly lift (without moving very fast) using your legs and abdominal muscles and keeping the load is close to your chest as possible, as if hugging it.
  • Once you’re standing, change your direction by moving your feet in a full about face. Do not twist your back!

Watch how a back injury can change your life:


What if you already have a back injury?

One way to deal with back pain is by receiving a diagnosis and regular Chiropractic care. Additionally, there are also exercises and therapy by physical therapists. There has been an explosion of new yoga and acupuncture studios as well because of their popularity in dealing with acute and chronic muscle and joint pain.